Home Automation

I want to have some remote controlled lights, etc. in my flat. Some things you can buy are fine, but in one or two placed, I'd like to have something self-made.


Home-Made Wall Lights

I started already planning for wall lights, and I'll try to document the progress here. But for the start, just a few links for my wall lights – see also the link list on microcontrollers:

  • Adafruit Huzzah: Microcontrolle for the project
  • BuckPuck LED Drivers: Constant current supply with a separate 5V output – nice solution for powering a microcontroller
  • LED Modules: The LED modules I'm going to use. The company also provides nice and small power supplies
  • Modulor: Get acrylic glass laser cutted to your specification
  • Homekit on ESP32: a real sdk for HomeKit from the maker of the ESP32.